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Samadhan Society is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving and upgrading standard of living of youth in India. Samadhan have organized program on Health, trainings (psychological, behavioral, personality development) and Human rights. The organization is involved in community’s development, protection of the rights of youth, capacity building and raising public awareness on youth issues. For over 5 years, Samadhan has worked with community and opinion leaders, policy makers, parents, local and national government staff to design and implement innovative and participatory projects for youth in India. Samadhan focuses on addressing major issues on youth development, empowerment and education through workshops, seminars, vocational and leadership training courses in India. Samadhan works voluntarily for the nourishment of education in the society especially among youths so as to eliminate social problems such as drug abuse, HIV/Aids and its related problems. We work for the welfare nd betterment of youth community. VISION: Improving and upgrading standard of living of youth in India. MISSION: To represent and to protect youth’s rights and interests and to positively impact the greatest number of young people, in as many places as possible with programs that are effective and in ways that are sustainable within shortest possible time. OBJECTIVES:

  • Leadership and professional development in Indian youth and also to encourage character and common sense morals education in them.
  • To build linkages between grassroots activism and policy makers on youth related issues
  • To generate support for youth development activities at the international, national, regional and local levels.
  • To supports grass roots organizations with a capability for devising, implementing and overseeing developmental projects and programs.
  • To undertake, facilitate and encourage research and documentation for promoting effective dissemination of relevant information / data to the aforementioned bodies.
  • To provide and conduct various types of training workshop, educational and other awareness programs appropriate to the needs of Indian youth.

TARGET: To invoke new ideas that will provoke dramatic change in the attitude, motive and disposition of the young ones to the development of India such that will equip them to boldly and confidently face the challenges of the 21st century beginning from their very communities and self in a way that will make India competitive among the global communities in all its ramifications.

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